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Blackbutt (eucalyptus patens) is one of the taller eucalypts, growing up to 40-45 meters high. It is one of the least flammable eucalypts and usually survives moderate forest fires, although the base of the tree becomes blackened, giving the tree its name.

The blackbutt tree itself resembles the jarrah, but is relatively scarce as it was a favourite timber for farmers, railway wagons, bridge building, and flooring due to its durability and fire resistant properties. A large portion of the remaining blackbutt trees are contained in reserves and its plants are highly regarded as honey trees.

Also known as the Yarri, WA Blackbutt, or Swan River Blackbutt, the timber of this tree looks good, and has more of an even colour than other species. Plantation blackbutt is a light yellow colour and even-grained, while native regrowth blackbutt has much more variation.

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